GA State Reps

Georgia has two State Representatives (State Reps).

(links provided below)

Randy Hoagland – North Georgia       North Ga State Rep

Bobby Durden – South Georgia         South GA State Rep


SRC State Rep Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Respond by request of SRC Chairman or Int’l Rep to chapter events within state.
  • Act as liaison between the SRC Board and chapters.
  • Act in an advisory capacity when assisting chapters in punitive issues.
  • Attend semi-annual Conference meetings, if possible. Fall meeting mandatory.
  • Attend mid-year Board of directors meetings.
  • Compile and maintain accurate emails and contacts for all chapters in jurisdiction.
  • Notify SRC board and webmaster of any changes in contact information  of the chapters in their jurisdiction.
  • Attend SRC Board Meetings and other functions.
  • Other duties as assigned.